Seniors Living Happily
with Online Activities


We know that seniors tend to face health issues and decline of brain functioning, including loneliness which is inevitably caused by having to live by themselves. In this article, TrueOnline would like to give some ideas about online activities to help them enhance their life experience in a more modern way. Other family members can guide their grandparents on how to use IT gadgets and access online platforms. Not only will this help bridge the generation gap, but it will also add more color back to their lifestyles and improve the quality of living at the same time. 

Online games for the brain

Today, plenty of online games are available such as Sudoku, crosswords puzzles, matching games or even Monopoly that they are familiar with. Apart from keeping them company and creating joy, these online games also help stimulate their brains and promote cognitive health, especially memory development.

Online content for entertainment

One of the ways to alleviate the loneliness amongst seniors is entertainment. Besides TV and radio that they are accustomed to, there are all kinds of content on online platforms that are accessible anytime. Seniors can watch series on TrueID, movies on Netflix, or find any content that caters to their interests on YouTube.

Video call for communication

When the younger members have a family of their own and seniors have to live by themselves, it inevitably causes them to feel lonely. Talking with friends and family members is absolutely a great solution. However, due to the pandemic, social distancing has limited a normal way of physical communication. But that is no longer an excuse for them to suffer from loneliness. Now, there are many platforms invented allowing people to meet and stay connected comfortably at home whether in a small or in a large group for free. Those platforms include True VRoom, Google meet and Facebook where a video call feature is supported as well.


Online community for self-development

Facebook pages are the online community that everyone can share and exchange opinions with. We would like all people who are still young at heart to hit the “Like” button and subscribe to “Ready Senior.” Co-created by the National Research Council of Thailand and Thammasat University, this page aims to give opportunities to seniors to develop themselves, set up business and find the right job that matches their age. Moreover, the page occasionally offers online courses for retired persons like online content writers and many more. Another page that is worth your “Like” button is CountUp.  It was especially created for seniors who always believe that age is just a number and somewhat meaningless; not an indicator of potential, performance or skill.  This page is like a community where there are collections of cool tips and information shared for seniors whether about health, travel or fashion.

These are some of the activities that will help our seniors enjoy themselves while keeping their brain active via online platforms which are easily accessible, just having internet at home and IT equipment - computer, smartphone or tablet. However, don’t forget that attention and good care from their loved ones are just as important in order to help our seniors live happy lives.