Studying online made simpler with a little help from the internet

Studying online has become an inevitable part of our new normal world and it hasn’t been without its challenges. However, as tedious as online learning can be, there are resources at your disposal that you might not be aware of. Today we’ll be recommending several useful websites for students to help make studying a little less painful. Use these sites as tools to aid your studies and it’ll make your life a little bit easier. 



Leave no equation unturned with Wolfram Alpha’s scientific calculator

It would be a crime, if Wolfram Alpha wasn’t mentioned here. The saving grace of many high school students, this calculator brings the power of a scientific calculator to your fingertips. Have you ever been in dire straits with an unsolvable maths problem or a physics conundrum? Feeling stuck on a complex algebra equation? Wolfram Alpha will most likely have you covered. It can solve issues ranging from graphs to advanced calculus. Simply determine what type of problem you want solved and input the equation into the appropriate formula tab. It also offers calculation options for physics and chemistry. For other subjects like history, social sciences, and arts, you can search for different topics so be sure to explore all it has to offer! 



Organise your notes with Evernote notepad 

Evernote is the perfect place to organize and plan your notes. You can sign up for the basic version for free and use it to scribble notes from lectures. Upload your own documents, make revision notes, or post pictures, diagrams, and graphs as you see fit. Use its inbuilt search function to browse through your notes for keywords and sync it to your phone or your desktop to access anytime, anywhere. Evernote allows you to comfortably stay organized online and is essential to staying on top of your classes. On top of all that, the website is available in Thai and other languages so make your notes the way you want. 



Easily make your own flashcards with Chegg Prep

If you depend on flash cards for reviewing course materials, then Chegg Prep is here to save the day. Create your own flash cards or browse from countless variations made by teachers and students alike. It’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t require extensive setting up. You can also upload it on your smartphone and study anywhere, anytime. It’s highly recommended for subjects that require memorization skills such as memorizing cell structures and phyla for your biology class. But in earnest anyone can use this to great effect for any subject. 



Correct your grammar on the go with one simple tool - Grammarly

If you’re studying English as a second language, Grammarly is an excellent tool to help you write and learn the language better. Have you ever been marked down a grade for poor punctuation and spelling mistakes? Or perhaps you submitted a paper and only realized how atrocious your grammar was afterwards? Then maybe you need Grammarly, an AI writing assistant that will make suggestions as you type. Primarily used for writing emails and essays, Grammarly can also be used to check spelling and language errors. Furthermore, it provides word suggestions, giving you an opportunity to expand your vocabulary with synonyms. 


There’s plenty of websites and online tools out there to create a better study environment, but we hope this article will give you a headstart. It’s a matter of making the internet work for you, not the other way around. Best of luck with your studies!