Let fiction be your online friend in a time of (COVID-19) crisis

20 April 2021


In times like these when new COVID-19 cases are reported every day in Thailand, a lot of people are still working from home or prefer finding activities to do at home rather than going out. Imagine eating at a restaurant one day only to find reported cases there the day after. That would be horrible, right? Staying at home almost all the time also means you have more time on your hands and what better way to kill time than reading fiction? But where would you find such a recluse from reality without having to go out to buy novels at bookstores? The solution to this is very simple. That’s why in this article we have recommended 3 best websites to read fiction online.


Joylada – The first chat-style novel platform

If you crave for some fiction but you don’t have that much free time or you simply just don’t feel like reading something that has more than 10,000 words, Joylada is the perfect option for you. 

Available through both app stores and website, Joylada is the first platform that introduces readers to a new style of fiction – chat style. The inspiration behind this is that most younger audiences tend to spend more time sending texts than talking on the phone. With this in mind, Joylada has introduced readers to a new kind of novel that imitates the way we chat with our friends. The novels are therefore in the form of chat bubbles that are easy to read. Due to the limited space and nature of texting, the stories are more likely to be short and concise. It’s not surprising if you realize you’re on your second story before you know it. However, the platform has novels in the traditional style as well. 

The best thing of all is you can read most of the novels here for free without having to create an account. There are various genres for you to choose from: romantic, fantasy, horror, mystery, sci-fi, comedy, drama, etc. So, if you want to take a little break from whatever you are doing at that time, how about reading some chat-style novels?


ReadAWrite – The paradise of fanfiction

Another go-to place for fiction is ReadAWrite. Apart from novels that we are all familiar with, this platform is where fanfiction thrives since it gives an opportunity for writers from any fandom to publish their work. No moments between your favorite characters or actors? You can always find what you are looking for in fanfiction. The ship cannot sink. Shippers always have faith. If there are no moments in real life, find one in fanfiction then. Problem solved! Moreover, most of the stories are available to read for free on both website and application as well. 

However, what makes ReadAWrite stand out from other platforms is it is the first to have a donation system for readers to support their favorite writers by sending gifts like pizza, bubble tea, sashimi or coins as tips. You can even purchase or pre-order the paper version of fanfiction directly from this website which is another way to show your writers some love also.


Meb – the largest e-Book market

If you are an e-Book fan who loves reading fiction on computer, mobile phone or iPad, you will love Meb because it is one of the largest e-Book platforms out there. The best thing about Meb is once you’ve purchased an e-Book, you can choose to read it on the website or the app. Often we have to find a way to read e-Book files through external programs or domain extensions. Well, that problem has already been taken care of if you read it on Meb.   

Meb offers many stories for sale and some for free. If you are deliberating whether you should purchase a particular piece of fiction or not, you can always read the samples first. Moreover, you can choose many reading modes to protect your eyes such as night mode or sepia. There are also many payment options available for you to choose from credit card, counter service, ATM and Internet Banking. So, not having enough cash at hand or money in your bank account will no longer stop you from buying novels that you want to read. 


Frederick Douglass once said, “Once you learn to read, you’ll forever be free.” In our case, reading fiction is one of the ways we could be free from the harsh reality that we are now facing, be it COVID-19 pandemic or endless boredom at home. We truly hope you will find some comfort in Joylada, ReadAWrite or Meb.