Nourish Love Life in the Time of COVID-19 Using the Internet

11 February 2021


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic around the world has resulted in lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing in public spaces to prevent people from having close contact and slow the spread of the disease. Now, in Thailand, the possibility of repeated pandemic has arised so the government has requested citizens to stay home and keep social distancing amongst themselves. Long-term self-isolation abruptly brings the new normal to every dimension of people’s life and way of living—love and relationship are no exception. Single people entirely lose opportunities to meet their potential love interest. Lovers yearn for each other because they are unwilling to be apart by the distance. On the contrary, cohabiting and married couples are forced to spend 24 hours a day for weeks or even months together in an enclosed space like an apartment, condominium or house. Since we must adjust ourselves to this big change in our way of love and relationship, TrueOnline suggests trying the following online solutions to navigate romance and keep your love life active amid the time of COVID-19.


Find a match from online dating websites


Due to the pandemic, national lockdown is a policy and staying indoors becomes mandatory in many countries.  For singletons, they can’t go outside and hang out anywhere for long enough to meet up with new people. So it is almost impossible for them to find the significant other or to hook up with someone. Even though you can’t meet someone in person at this time, you can turn to using dating websites and applications, which are normally alternatives for relationship seekers or being used just for fun. 


You can try one of the most enduring dating websites Match, the modern one OKCupid or the popular Thai website MeetNLunch. They start with the questionnaire about your preferences, interests, values and habits to probe into who you’re really looking for. That ensures you’ll be set up with people whose lifestyles match yours. 


If you just want to have some fun and don’t mind finding a serious relationship, let’s start swiping on Tinder. You may be familiar with it on the mobile app version but it also has the website that provides all the same features as on the mobile app. After allowing the website to access your location from the internet browser, you can see profiles and photos of the people around your area and start swiping immediately. You may need some tips to make your online dating profile outstanding to attract your Mr. or Ms. Right. You can read more about that in our previous article


Close the distance between lovers with online communication


“I can go the distance to see my beloved.” This sounds very romantic, right? However, while the pandemic is still out there, we should keep a distance of at least one meter from other people to reduce transmission. This rule of social distancing creates an unavoidable distance between lovers and they might start missing each other if they can’t go on a date as usual. To continue spending time together while keeping a physical distance, you and your loved one can resort to the websites or applications designed for keeping in touch with one another from afar. 


For example, the application Between, available on both PC and smartphone, features private chat room, photo-sharing, story creation and reminders of special days or events. Or you can use Houseparty if you want to play some games such as charades and trivias with your girlfriend or boyfriend while making a video call. Video conference platforms like True VROOM, Google Meet and Zoom can also be used to make virtual face-to-face conversations with your lover—they aren’t made for business talks only. Moreover, if you need to replicate a movie date night, you can go to Watch2Gether. Create a room for two on the website and paste the movie link from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon etc. Then, you and your special person can enjoy it together.    


Have a special stay-at-home life with your partner with the help of the internet


For cohabiting and married couples, during their stay-at-home period, they have to be with each other all day long everyday. It creates discomfort  between each other if one or both partners are busy, tired or just don’t feel like talking. And sooner or later their romantic relationships will start to become unhealthy from tension, stress and anxiety. The way out of this problem is to create special or quality time between you and your partner while staying home. With the internet, you’re able to explore some activities online that both of you want to do together—something that you’ve wanted to do for quite some time or new things you’ve always wanted to try but never got the chance until now. 


We recommend you to visit YouTube where you can find almost anything you would like to do. For example, if you want to try cooking Italian recipes, just enter the keyword like pasta or risotto in the search box and you will find a ton of video clips on how to make them. But if you want to have a more extraordinary cooking experience with your partner, you can go to the Eventbrite website and reserve an online cooking class with a real chef. This is just a starting idea. You can change the activities to match your other interests such as exercise, dancing,  DIY projects and many more.


The age of COVID-19 pandemic is the age of social distancing. Nevertheless, we still need to be close with our loved ones like the time before. Thanks to wireless technology, human connection can still exist and is maintained by the internet connection.