Creating an Online Dating Profile Like a Boss

11 October 2019


In our article in February 2019, we have recommended applications and websites for long-distance couples to keep their love strong. But what if you are single? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Just keep on reading.

Today if someone asks “what is the good thing about living in the digital age?”, many might answer it’s easier and more convenient to seek a relationship. If we think about it, it is actually not that hard.  All we need to do is logging onto the internet, visiting online dating websites, choosing a person who captures your interest and starting a conversation right away by sending some friendly or sweet words to him or her. Yes, it is that simple. There are many dating websites out there waiting to help you get to know new guys or girls. Who knows? They might be your potential romantic partner. “Love has its various ways,” doesn’t it?

Of course, some may have doubts when it comes to starting a relationship online. Some might even go further by saying that finding love online is wishful thinking. However, Psychology Today points out that over a third out of 19,000 people married between 2005 and 2012 had started their relationship online. Besides, the study also reveals that couples who are the result of online dating are less likely to separate or get divorced than couples who met each other offline. This proves you highly get a chance to have a more successful relationship with someone you have found online than from face-to-face dating. 

Are you ready to join dating websites now? We hear a loud and clear “YES!” from you. So, to make it super easy for you to go online and find someone that is compatible with you, we have some interesting tips that will help your online dating profile look nice and attractive to your possible Mr. (or Ms.) Right.


Choose your best shot as your profile picture

Your picture is a vital component of your online dating profile. You are probably great at choosing your profile picture on Facebook, but selecting a picture for dating websites is a different story. According to Honey Langcaster-James, a relationship psychologist, who is cited in an article, “Seven Tips for Successful Online Dating” by Lucy Vine on the Telegraph website, you should look straight at the camera and smile showing your teeth. This body language says that you are open, friendly and confident. 

In the same article, there is a tip cited by Jim Talbott, the director of consumer insights at Match.com, one of the leading and biggest dating websites. According to Talbott, you should update your picture frequently so that some people who might have missed you before may take interest in you. In addition, your picture should be a full-body shot. The Observer.com claims that using a full-body shot as your profile picture increases messages received by 203%. It may also be a picture of you taking up your favorite hobby. This helps other people on dating websites to know more about you even before reading your bio and also leads to a conversation.


Guess what should be in your username

The question “what’s in a name?” should not only be asked by Juliet (Yes. The Juliet from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet). When it comes to picking a username for online dating profile, you should ask that question too! It is because your username is the first thing other people see and tells them a lot about yourself more than you might have thought. Emily Bratz from NextAdvisor.com, the website that focuses on conducting unbiased consumer analysis, gives three rules of choosing the right username for online dating purposes

The first rule is “show, don’t tell.” It means your username should reflect your personality, but not tell bluntly about it. Do not use “funnyman” as your username to tell others that you are a funny person. You should create a username that puts a comedic spin on your characteristics or favorite activities instead. The next rule is being thoughtful about your username. Most people tend to think that usernames are trivial and can be created in only a few seconds. Actually, you need to take a little bit more time and effort to come up with a proper username. For example, you might not use a provocative username if you are looking for someone who takes relationships seriously. The final rule is using a username that “shows exactly who you are.” For instance, your username should not give an idea that you are an adventurous traveler when, in fact, you just enjoy Netflix on a couch at home on holidays. Always be true to yourself and others, and you can surely find your perfect dating partner.


Be selective about your profile information

This is a painful truth that you have to swallow: filling out your online dating profile is not a piece of cake. So now you have to set aside your time and dedicate it to filling out your profile information, not spending just five minutes to sketch rough details about yourself on the profile. What if you don’t know what to write on your profile? Don’t be stressed! Just write down interesting truths about yourself such as your lifestyle or hobbies and sports you love. And, most importantly, do not try to be someone else that you think will impress other people. If you are looking for something very specific like an outdoor lover or a foodie, you should place this critical information at the top of your profile. This way ensures that your ideal match will see it first when they visit your profile page. Moreover, your profile is not a novel—you must keep it short and simple.


Now you are ready to create your profile on online dating websites and start getting to know someone that might be your sweetheart in the future. The next step is to be brave and confident in yourself. Believe that you have what it takes to find the perfect match. You can initiate a conversation by sending the first message to the person you find interesting. Don’t be afraid that you’ll get no reply. But please remember that you should not take online dating too seriously. It is just another way to meet more people, not the one.