Ideas to Start Online Career from Your Interest

20 November 2019

The internet enables you to work without an office. You can work from home or turn anywhere into your workplace. You don’t have to be caught in a traffic jam or travel in crowded public transportation at peak times to go to work. Thanks to the internet.  You can even create an online career of your own based on your interests and skills and combined with your passion and determination. In this article, we would like to give you an idea about some interesting online careers. Maybe you will find a career that matches your personality and ability.

Online educator - share your knowledge and make extra money

If you’re an expert on something, you can use an online channel, YouTube and blogs, for instance, to share such knowledge. It isn’t necessary to be an academic subject; it can be anything that you have a profound knowledge about it, for example, cooking, DIY, photography and web design. Just be confident in yourself and find a suitable online channel for broadcasting your talk or even opening e-learning courses. If people subscribe to your channel, you may earn huge income from it.

Gamecaster - games are so much more than just fun

Gamecaster expands from online game reviewer.  To drive its sales, an online game needs to be reviewed by expert gamers. So their main responsibility is to give other gamers information about any online game such as story of the game and how to play. These information are for helping gamers to make a decision whether to buy such game or not. Later, as a strategy to attract an audience, game reviewers start live streaming their gameplay on an online channel such as twitch.tv, which is the most well-known website for gamecasting. YouTube is also another popular channel for gamecasting.

Gamecasters’ main role is to provide tips and tricks for playing such and such online games to amateur gamers, beginner gamers and even non-gamers. If your gamecasting is good and exciting enough to be able to draw in a lot of audience, it might gain attention from game companies too. As a result, those game companies might contact you to give sponsorship in exchange for playing their game in your broadcasting. Therefore, if you’re confident in your online gaming skills, don’t hesitate to get a chance of becoming a top gamecaster.  

Product reviewer - turning your likes into revenue

The role of product reviewers, according to Medium.com, is to give his/her opinion about any product or service after using it, especially its pros and cons, in order to help people during their purchase decision process. Now, on the internet, you can find reviews on a variety of products and services, for example, cosmetics, foods, gadgets, airlines, restaurants, cafes and more. We assure you there's an endless list of things to be reviewed.  

To be a product reviewer is not that easy. Apart from having excellent speaking, communication and persuasion skills, you must really know the product or service you’re going to review like the back of your hand so that you can tell others in minute details what are good and bad things about it. Most of the time product owner wants a good review for their product or service, but sometimes you find that you dislike it or are just unimpressed by it. This case require another skill from you--that’s compromising skills. You should tell people straightforwardly how you feel about it; at the same time, you must find a way not to hurt product owner’s feelings by your review. Of course, that’s very difficult. However, if you believe that you can do it, the next well-acclaimed product reviewer might be you.

Although interests and skills are elementary for online careers, the qualifications that will help you to be a successful online career is honesty and sincerity to customers. In addition, your internet speed must be fast and reliable so that you can broadcast content on your channel smoothly. A single hiccup moment during watching time may annoy your viewers and make them stop following your channel. To guarantee the best viewing experience for your viewers, please make sure that you have the suitable internet speed for broadcasting your content.