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Get 2% Discount Every Month
By Paying Bill Via Direct Debit

12 February 2019

Have you ever forgotten or missed to pay a TrueOnline bill? Are you tired of a long queue at True Shop? Free yourself from the frustration and save time by allowing us to debit your bank account or credit card for your bill payment each month.

TrueOnline offers 2% discount on your bill and 300 TruePoint if you apply for direct debit within the campaign period.


Campaign period: February 12,  2019 - December 31, 2019

Terms & Conditions

1. Exclusively for customers who apply for direct debit billing to pay all True bills in full within 90 days after the internet has completely been installed at your residence.

2. 2% discount

        2.1 2% discount will be calculated on “Monthly Internet Charges”, not included other service charges

        2.2 2% discount will be calculated on “Monthly Internet Charges” before calculating “Value Added Tax”

        2.3 When customer cancels direct debit service, 2% discount will be terminated.

3. Extra 300 TruePoint

        3.1 Only for customer who get communication message “Extra 300 TruePoint” via SMS 

        3.2 500 TruePoint will be transferred to customers' True ID account.

        3.3 Customers will get TruePoint within 45 days after their first bill was successfully deducted via direct debit.

        3.4 Use of TruePoint will be applied under TrueYou terms and conditions.

4. Customers will not get extra 300 TruePoint if their first bill cannot be deducted via direct debit.

5. Terms and conditions may change without prior notice. 

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